Thailand (3) Kayaking


We are boarding the overnight sleeper train in Chiang Mai to Bangkok for the last time. From Bangkok we will take a local bus and  a red taxi truck to our hotel in Kanchanaburi. From there to the River Kwai for our kayaking.



Today we rise and shine at 6am to get our red taxi truck for the one and a half hour ride to the  River Kwai where we will be kayaking for a couple of days.

After reaching Kanchanaburi, we first had to go and see the famous River Kwai Bridge


Our luck was in …. while we were on the bridge the train crossed the bridge a few inches from us.

Quite a tourist attraction, many groups and souvernir shops all around.

From there onto the Wat Tham Khao Pun cave with a temple inside. It was really hot inside, but the view from the top of the hill was great. During WW2 the Japanese soldiers used these caves for their logistics and supplies.



The museum on the outside was quite informative and interesting with all the old photographs of the time when the bridge was built.

Lastly we made a stop at the war cemetry for the allied soldiers that lost their lives over here in WW2.

Now on our way with the red taxi truck.

Along the way we stopped at the Hellfire Pass and  had a walk through the very grim history of that part of WW2.



Now onto the kayaks. The double kayaks were very heavy and maneuvered like a container ship. So we decided to take turns in the singles, which were much better. On the first day we did our 21km water. Along the riverbanks are many resorts and dense bamboo forests that spread all over the mountains in the back.



Lunch stop was near the Burma Railway line and bridge where the Japanese Harakiri caves are. 

Some elephants came down for a swim while we were there.  We rowed 23Km on this stretch.



Our last night at the river was spent at a very nice resort with a swimming pool and a room over the river. The good dinner was also not totally unwelcome. Outside the hotel are an old WW2 Japanese jeep and lorry that is still used by the hotel. 



Back to the PhiPhi hotel in Kanchanaburi where we had a very competitive game of pool.


Last dinner on waterfront was deep fried pork streetfood that we bought at the night market …. and it was delicious


7.30am leave with red taxi for our two and a half hour bus ride to Chiang Mai.  Interesting, our bus runs on gas. Chai spends his time on the cell phone sorting out our day rooms and transport to Bangkok airport from where we are flying out at 6pm tonight.



From our red taxi, to the public bus, then a van and lastly we arrive in  Bangkok at 11am. After cleaning up in the dayroom our airport pickup arrives at 1 pm just after we finished our lunch of chicken curry and green chilli soup.

And, …….. that brings us to the end of an interesting and physical very active trip. Well organized by Intrepid and well worth doing.



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