Thailand (1) Hiking


Well here we are in Bangkok. Qantas gave us very good service on plane. Our priority visa-pass  was a blessing, there was no one ahead of us in the customs line. The transport to hotel is good over the long distance to the Nuovo City Hotel. Although I’m not a beer drinker, you cannot survive in this very hot and humid atmosphere without beer, ….  which comes in quarts.

We’re on the  2nd floor in the hotel and breakfast is fortunately not included because being close to backpacker area there are many inexpensive restaurants close by.




Wiring along the streets is a form of art in it’s own right.








After a walk around the old town on our own we went on a guided cycling tour along the backstreets seeing the sights of the old town of Bangkok with Intrepid

Our cycling route in Bangkok


















This whole area looks so different at night, with all the lights and night markets around.

Night market

   Night market








Some live entertainment along the river near the  Royal Barges Museum






We took the overnight sleeper train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. This train is really quite comfortable, clean and efficient. Although there was a baby crying all night, we slept well.  Also, the a/c is not adjustable and makes it quite cold and the light always on. The toilet ok-ish, fortunately we did not sleep near it.


At the market there are all kinds of “tempting snacks” such as: ……


Placenta from water buffalo







Before we could start, we all had to register with the Tourist Police first

After buying some food supplies we made a stop at the Mok Fa Waterfall before our serious hiking is starting.

Mok Fa Waterfall










Quite a stiff hike up the mountain in temperatures of 36 degrees C and humidity of about 100%

Our guide is Cai from the mountain Karen people







Our  hiking on the first day was 4Km. This might not seem to be much but in a humidity of 100% and temperature of 36 degrees C, the hiking on a steep uphill, makes it feel much more than the 4Km.  The squat toilets actually work quite well ….. though after a day’s hiking your knees and quads are a bit wabbly and it is not always so easy launching yourself up into a standing position afterwards.








Some really large trees along the hike in the forest.





On the 2nd day’s hike of another steep 11Km, we slept ín a house situated on a river bank and it was quite comfortable. Each of our mattresses on the floor had its own mosquito net and the shower in a water drum worked very well. After a good home cooked dinner we had some “local tequila” and I’d rather not ask what exactly it was.

Transporting wooden poles

Monkey bridge










They call this a monkey bridge because you certainly look like a monkey negotiating the wooden slats.



Homestay for the first night.






and a  home cooked dinner.


The last day’s hike was also tough and our one guide, Bat, fell ill and stayed behind in the one village. Tonight we are staying in the Ratana Hotel in town its about 2 star.



Tree climbing steps









We went for a much deserved massage in Chiang Mai after we returned back from the hike. The Thai Massage was painful but good. Night Market was very interesting. We ate pork ribs and belly with beer, it was great.


The hiking is now over and tomorrow we start the cycling part.


























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