Marmaris to Fethiye (Aegean Coast 2)


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Hallo again. Marmaris is the Turkish Riviera or Turquoise coast as it is also know in TURKEY. The town is blessed with a pebbly beach and a long seafront promenade. Gullets and excursion boats are parked all along the promenade. Nights are a buzzing occasion. We replenish our boats, and say goodbye to some crew and “merhaba” to new ones.


We left Marmaris with overcast skies. Little wind greeted us once we reached the open sea. Our next stop would be Ekincik Limani where we would leave the boat to visit the legendary Kaunos Tombs. We negotiate with a local to take us to the Dalyan river as only local small boats are allowed in this special sanctuary. The pick up was early. It was still dark and a bit on the chilly side. Once the sun showed its warm, rosy face, everything changed. The sight of the ruins in the early morning sun was special. It is a fact de compli that this hour is truly a golden hour. Add beautiful bird and insect songs. Exquisite! In the Dalyan river is Lake Koycegiz.  It is huge and a paradise to birdwatchers. On our way back we paid a visit to the Sultaniye mud baths where they say you will regain youthfulness. Lots of fun and laughter were had. The town of … has many restaurants and after such an early start we all were ready to tuck in. On returning to Ekincik Limani, we were all happy and relieved to see our boats were still moored in the same spots we left them.

Dalyan River

Kaunos Rock Tombs

Amphiteatre at Kaunos

We spend another night in Ekincik Limani and left bright and early once again for Kuçük Kuyruk. Our sailing days were almost something of the past and we eagerly enjoyed the morning wind.  Kuçük Kuyruk is a small but beautiful little bay shaped like a small tail. We swam, we snorkelled. The calm and clear turquoise water I felt certain was like heaven.

Kuçuk Kuyruk

Our second last day arrives. We plan to sail to OluDEnIz. There is a great spot to anchor and some of us are keen to do the paragliding thing because THIS is the place. The activity starts from Babadağ, a mountain around 1900 m high, and ends on the beach after a nice trip above OluDeniz which also hosts the most photographed beach in Turkey. Earlier in the day, we visited the busy tourist spot to book the paragliding and get a couple of items for the boat. Let me tell you, it was quite an experience getting to shore with waves breaking on the inclined pebble beach. Don’t wear your sunday dress!!

Full Moon


Fethiye is located on the site of the Ancient Greek city of  Telmessos  and is a great place to visit.  Fethiye is also the start of the Lycian coast. The Sunsail/Moorings base is just outside the marina and is attached to the Yacht Classic Boutique hotel. A great setup with excellent moorings and facilities.  There are  interesting historical sites to visit. The Tomb of Amyntas on the mountain side was built by the Lycians BC and the view over the bay from there is quite spectacular. The fish market is in the center of town. You can buy fresh fish and one of the restaurants will then prepare it to your liking. Restaurants are plenty and everybody tries something special to entice you to their fold.

Tomb of Amyntas


What a great place to end an excellent two-week sailing holiday. Great weather, fantastic ambience and outstanding company.




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